Author, poet, philosopher and amoureux del la vie Jim Richman no doubt keeps a pad and pencil by his bedside, awakening to jot down these perhaps dream-induced or meditative thoughts before they slip away.

This is a hand me down book. Each page has a section to note your comments to be shared with family, friends or simply to your future self.

"A Man's Late Night Thoughts" is a cross-genre reveal of single-line thoughts covering all topics of the human condition called life. Most are amazingly insightful observations in which all readers, to some degree have experienced, albeit perhaps never have articulated - unitil now. Most are inherent with humor, some showing anger, others remorse; all of the 342 thoughts are totally original and each bringing incredibly relatable thoughts to the readers.

Aside from being a great gift book to a loved one - including oneself - A Man's Late Night Thoughts is different things to different people. To those readers suffering a loss, these thoughts will help heal and comfort their emotions; to those yearning wisdom through experiences, this will enlighten and illuminate so many of life’s situations; or for those readers confused, these thoughts will guide them onto a course or direction worthy of the wisdom within.

Good advice, well taken, is the sign of an intelligent person. Good advice, given in such succinct sentences, is the sign of a brilliant mind; timeless in it's philosophical content and psychological understanding of human behavior, unabashed in revealing his own personal incidents of love, loss, and the celebration of life. When reading this book for the second time, so much more was revealed, so I recommend going back to this time and time again.

- Beth Adams

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