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- Dorothy Pump Up Your Book

"Richman mixes in light comedic observations with the serious moments and they offer readers moments in levity amidst the pages of serious reflection. Richman has hit upon the right length for the book, but there is no clear narrative thrust to a nebulous work like this – readers can open the book at any point and begin reading from there. Many of Richman’s insights are striking and will give comfort to those moving through the same areas of life.."

- J. Hillenburg

"The concept of the book is intriguing. I hope the editing renders the book a perfect piece to read."

- Priyanka2304

"I've had late nights thoughts of my own, but good on the author for transforming that into a read."

- Wy_Bertram

"Who doesn't have late-night thoughts from time to time? What a great idea to compose a whole book of them!."

- Dominik_G

"I rememeber a time I used to write down my thoughts, too. Kudos to the author for journaling his thoughts and then turning it into a book. Good job!."

- E. Best

"Its an awesome concept, makes me wonder of my own thoughts. Great job author. ."

- Shaa-33

"I love a good, encouraging and humorous book as much as the next person! This one being about journaling just makes me fall more in love with it."

- Anngladys

"I think I'm going to love the book mainly because it sounds like a kind of diary. The author did a nice job of compiling the late night thoughts into a journal.."

- Chiagbanwe

"There is so much humour yet very encouraging. I love it."

- Kiki aaqilah boosen

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